“[Georgea]’s Toronto’s sweetheart in the way that Meg Ryan was everyone’s sweetheart for 15 years”- Catherine McCormick

Georgea Brooks-Hancock is a stand up comic, living between Toronto and Los Angeles. She started her comedy career in 2006 through improvisation. After dabbling in sketch she slowly dug her way into the stand up scene and has never (well rarely) looked back.

Georgea has a vast amount of training. She begun her learning through The Canadian Improv Games. She then moved to Toronto and developed her style with the Impatient Theatre Company (where she later became a teacher). In the summer of ’09 Georgea moved to Chicago where she immersed herself in the teachings of improvOlymic theatre. In terms of stand up Georgea was taught by Dawn Whitwell, a Toronto comic is dedicated to supporting females in comedy.

Georgea started stand up comedy in 2010. She was very quickly nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement fund, an award, through Second City, for the best new comics of the year.  Georgea now produces her own show called Strip Comedy which tours all over. She also regularly performs at Absolute Comedy, Yuks Yuks, Second City and Comedy Bar.

Also Georgea is crazy cool, just saying…


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