Comedy Groups

Stephanie Tonietto

Tony and George!

My best friend and I are in a comedy duo called Tony and George (guy versions of our actual names) We pride our selves on being adorable, charming and hilarious. We find we get a lot of gigs because people just love to hang out with us. Our most successful show was “Tony and George Watch Boston Legal”. It was a hit! Basically Tony and I watch Boston legal while drinking scotch and commenting on our favourite parts of the show. Magic! Oh and we totally dressed up like hot lawyers.

Matt Folliot and Taylor Swift

The improv duo Matt Folliot and Taylor Swift uses the comedy talents of Matt Folliot (Toronto based comedian, Fresh Meat 2010) with me as I pretend to be my favourite musician Taylor Swift.   This show is fun, cute and smart. Mostly I just love to pretend I’m Taylor Swift.

Matt Folliot: promo pic, It has nothing to do with me as Taylor Swift. He's just a dirt bag a lot of the time just in normal life.


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