Me, Yuks, & Absolute

Here’s a sampler.


The Toronto Star, On Strip Comedy!

I know I should be playing it cool and humble, but I just want to show everyone!

I know I’m lame- Fuck it, The Toronto Star came to our show and then wrote an article, putting us on the front page of their entertainment section (even though its of me in my bra, I’m still totally stoked). Plus I look super cute in the photos.

Here is a link to the on-line article.

Anyways NOW you have to come see Strip Comedy.

NBA COMICS- Dec 11th at Second City

Happy Holidays dudes, I couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season.  One of the reasons I’m so stoked is because of a show I’m doing at Second City Toronto.  This is the perfect show to come to if you’ve been waiting to see me tell jokes. It’s going to be very fun and it has some really funny people on the show.

If you’re interested in tickets shoot me an e-mail.

If you’re interested in more information here is the facebook event page.

I’m going to probably wear heels and a lace dress sooooo you really should come.

Matt Folliott Grew Up!

One of my best friends, Matt Folliott, just had a birthday and to celebrate he got himself a stupid nice website. Check out For those of you who don’t know, Matt is my co-host/ judge for Strip Comedy (he also never ceases to remind me that he came up with the concept for the show).  Matt and I have toured to together, we have also lived together in Chicago. Once we made out under a tree but the last time he tried to kiss me I kicked him in the head. But seriously I’m just looking out for us because if we had a kid it would look like this…

Mine and Matt's child.