Photo Credit: Corbin Smith

These Comics will Strip for Laughs Click Here.
Toronto Star | December 10, 2011 | Vinay Menon

‘“It’s the kind of show where you want specific people,” says Brooks-Hancock. “I’m sure every comic could do it. But the show has so much potential to go wrong.”’

Local Ladies who Make us Laugh Click Here.
Torontoist | June 2, 2011 | Steve Fisher
“The newest performer selected for this round-up, Brooks-Hancock dabbled in improv and sketch while studying at U of T before deciding to focus on stand-up in 2010. It was a smart choice: she was nominated for the year’s Tim Sims Award, making it to the finals at the Cream of Comedy showcase. In her sets, she oscillates between ditzy stereotypes (sample line: “Vapid.. that means super quick, right?”) and risqué but insightful jokes...”

Interview With Comedian Georgea Brooks-Hancock Click Here.
Theatromania | November 16, 2010 |
“Don’t be fooled by her naïve country girl persona, Georgea Brooks-Hancock is one sharp cookie. Joking about living in her car, this ambitious 22-year-old talent knows how to make ‘em laugh.”


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