The Toronto Star, On Strip Comedy!

I know I should be playing it cool and humble, but I just want to show everyone!

I know I’m lame- Fuck it, The Toronto Star came to our show and then wrote an article, putting us on the front page of their entertainment section (even though its of me in my bra, I’m still totally stoked). Plus I look super cute in the photos.

Here is a link to the on-line article.

Anyways NOW you have to come see Strip Comedy.


Strip Comedy August 2nd.

Bobby Mair and I at Strip Comedy.

In case you’re unaware, Strip Comedy is a show I produce at The Central (Matt Folliot will kill me if I don’t give him credit for coming up with the idea).  This month we have some really strong comedians they are… Dylan Gott (2011 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee), Dom Pare (2010 Just for Laughs Homegrown), and one of my favorites Sandra Battaglini (Canadian Comedy Award Nominee). Plus their are like way more.  For more details about Strip Comedy click here.