Have you met me? I’m the Coolest.

Recently I’ve been listening a lot of Donald Glover’s rap. 

Donald, as I’m sure many of you know, is also a comic/actor. I personally think he’s the funniest. Like for sure he’s at least my new comedy crush.

What I like most about Donald is that he’s a hilarious comic who’s really cool.  A lot of times comics are the biggest losers, cause it’s difficult to be hip and a clown at the same time. There’s a stigma that comedians aren’t hip or attractive. It’s probably because as stand up comics we’re so honest, and sometimes while being honest about something crazy that happened it’s hard to still look cool. Well FUCK THAT. I’m so fucking over that.

From now on I’m going to be cocky, because I truly think I’m the fucking coolest. That doesn’t mean I think I’m better then anyone else. I know I’m not. I’m just saying nobody’s my boss and I’m smart as hell.

Secondly, stereotypically female comics are not sexy (Obviously this is becoming less and less of a cliche). I saw this picture from a party on the weekend where a lot of my female comic friends and I were parting and I realized the female comics I know are unbelievably hot, and super hip.  I think what I’m trying to say is you should want to know me, and my friends because we’re way cooler then you.