Strip Comedy, Sept 6th

Another round of naked comedy. This show is unusually mostly females. Also because of the weather it’s going to be so much less sweaty.  Come have a beer, laugh a bunch, and see comics uncomfortably take clothes off.

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Strip Comedy August 2nd.

Bobby Mair and I at Strip Comedy.

In case you’re unaware, Strip Comedy is a show I produce at The Central (Matt Folliot will kill me if I don’t give him credit for coming up with the idea).  This month we have some really strong comedians they are… Dylan Gott (2011 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee), Dom Pare (2010 Just for Laughs Homegrown), and one of my favorites Sandra Battaglini (Canadian Comedy Award Nominee). Plus their are like way more.  For more details about Strip Comedy click here.


TONIGHT!!! (July 5th 2011)

I produce a show called Strip Comedy. It’s the first Tuesday of every month and that means TONIGHT!.

The idea of the show is kinda like Strip Poker but with Stand Up Comedy. During the comics’ set they have to take off an article of clothing everytime a joke doesn’t get a laugh. The show is hilarious so really what happens is that the Judges (Mae Martin & Matt Folliot) tell the act when there jokes deserve removal of clothing.

ps. i totally bought bought new underwear for this show.